What Do You Get with F.A.S.T Accent?

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You’ll get access to our proprietary F.A.S.T methodology and accent coaching program designed specifically for Science, Technology and Engineering professionals.

  • This program is much more than a typical American accent course.
  • These are the exact strategies and knowledge that you always wished someone would reveal to you but no one ever did.
  • It is a complete learning and action system designed to save you time and gets you results.
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You Get a Speech Assessment & Personalized Plan

Assessment & Personal Plan

Submit a recording of your speech and get a full written and audio assessment of your accent.

Based on this evaluation, we design a custom plan of action: 4-5 objectives that focus on the specific sounds and patterns that you need to modify in order to reduce your accent and speak more clearly. Your personal objectives will describe the vowel sounds, consonant sounds, syllable stress patterns, intonation patterns and linking strategies that you need to use to make your speech more clear and confident.

You Get a complete Action Plan & Support System

You’ll never get distracted or have to worry about what to do next…

Designed to keep you focused and on track,  our  F.A.S.T action plan and support system includes everything you need to efficiently take action during this program:

Private Skype Sessions

One-on-one weekly 75-minute long Accent coaching sessions via Skype video.

Each week we meet to work on the plan that was designed for you. You will get guided accent practice and specific feedback to help you address problematic areas. The agenda for each session is posted 24 hours beforehand so you can be ready to go right away.
Skype coaching is convenient, fits the busiest lifestyles and you can connect from anywhere in the world.

Audio of Sessions

After each coaching session you will receive an mp3 file of the session that you can play on your phone, iPod or iPad.

These recordings are one of the best ways to learn, practice and listen to your progress. Replay your sessions throughout the week so that you can practice what you learned.

Master Your Daily Vocabulary

The training is your roadmap for mastering the words, phrases and sentences that you use the most in your field of expertise. We teach you to say YOUR career related terminology using the correct vowel sounds, consonant sounds and stress and intonation patterns.

While other programs “guarantee” that you’ll improve 50% on a prepared paragraph…we guarantee that you’ll make noticeable improvements to say the words and phrases that you use on a daily basis.

Case Studies 

You will get access to selected videos of great American speakers to help you model success. See and hear how key concepts are demonstrated in the communication style of real business leaders.

Assignments and Quizzes

Specially designed to complement each week’s session, these assignments help you review and remember the learning content for the week.

You Get Access to American Accent Fundamentals Training

You get access to the Unlock Your American Accent: The 5 Secret Keys to Communication Success training course.

In this 8-module training you will learn 5 American accent “secrets” that no one has told you about. These critical keys will help you unlock the code for communicating more clearly, effectively and professionally in the North American workplace.

  • Module 1: Why Do I Have an Accent?

    In Module One you’ll discover the ‘ConfidentVoice’ communication framework that has enabled my clients to make noticeable improvements in their American English speech.

    You’ll learn Secret #1, a key technique for making yourself understood the first time you say any word. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of why your accent interferes with your communication.

  • Module 2: Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent

    In Module 2 you’ll learn about the current research that describes the relationship between foreign accents and listener trust.

    You’ll also learn Secret # 2, a key technique for avoiding accent related grammatical errors that you may not realize you’re making!

  • Module 3: How To Speak Like a Native

    In this module, you will understand how you can speak like a native using the tenets of the ‘Intelligibility Principle’.

    You’ll learn Secret # 3, the key technique for asking questions the way Americans do. You’ll be very surprised to learn what you’ve been doing wrong!

  • Module 4: The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes

    In Module 4 you’ll learn how using the correct “ vocal energy” creates a pleasant speaking style that is engaging and inspiring.

    You’ll learn Secret # 4, how to speak with a pace that sounds pleasing and in control, using the ’3P’ method.

  • Module 5: What Does a Successful CEO Sound Like?

    In Module 5 you”ll learn the techniques that successful CEOs use to communicate in a manner that inspires confidence and trust.

    You’ll learn Secret # 5 – how using pace and low tones enables you to speak in a way that sounds clear, confident and in control.

  • Module 6: Making Connections with Small Talk

    In Module 6, you’ll learn why making small talk is a critical communication skill in the American workplace and the six reasons why small talk can’t be ignored.

    You’ll learn Secret # 6 – specific speaking strategies for making friendly small talk that will allow you to immediately connect with Americans.

  • Module 7: American Responses to Foreign Accented Speech

    In Module 7 you’ll learn how Americans react to the speech of non-native speakers. I’ll discuss and give you access to a controversial University research study that asks: Do Americans get used to foreign accented speech over time?

    You’ll learn Secret # 7 (actually 2 bonus secrets) – how speaking with contractions and the correct American ‘T’ sounds will make your American English sound more fluid and natural.

  • Module 8: Putting It All Together

    In Module 8, you’ll review the 7 secrets for American communication that we covered. Then you’ll practice integrating all the ‘secrets’ you’ve learned.

    We’ll pull everything together using some popular business idioms that Americans use in the workplace. This is a challenging final session that will put all of your new knowledge to the test!

Plus – Personalized Support …. for that extra boost

Direct Access to me

Need support during the F.A.S.T. program? You will be able to connect with me via Skype chat or email to get your specific questions and concerns answered.

Recordings for Your terms

Submit  your own often used but problematic terminology or phrases and you’ll get a recording of the correct American pronunciation of these words.

Get Instant Access to the same Proven System and Methodology

Our most successful clients have used and achieved results with.

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