About Us

Our Mission & Our Promise to You

F.A.S.T Accent is a program of ConfidentVoice.com. We are dedicated to helping non-native speakers of American English across the globe communicate with confidence – through up-to-date education, relevant advice, resources, and programs.

We started this company because we feel strongly about providing access and enabling anyone, anywhere to learn American English online. Our goal is to help our learners achieve their communication goals in a way that is easy, fun, practical and meaningful. So far we are proud to say that our online courses have helped over 7,000 students learn strategies they need to improve their American English communication.

How We Are Different

Not all American Accent training programs are created equal. Here’s how we are different:

  • We specialize in accent reduction only (we do not provide english language training, speech therapy, or other services).
  • We have a proven track record since 2007. Our proprietary F.A.S.T accent methodology has helped hundreds of international professionals speak American English with confidence.
  • We offer a no-risk, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • We actually reward you for investing in your own success! The more coaching you purchase, the more bonus time you get, thus accelerating your learning.
  • Our programs are customized to Your needs. We use your industry vocabulary, real-life case studies relevant to your profession/goals, and homework/assignments are geared to your needs.
  • We do not assign our clients to other coaches. You will be working with our most experienced American accent specialist, Susan Ryan, one-on-one.

Our Promise To You

susan-bw-180My name is Susan Ryan and I’ll be your Coach for the F.A.S.T Accent program.

Since 2007, I have helped engineers, scientists, IT professionals, accountants, doctors and professors improve their American Accent and speak American English more clearly and confidently.

Teaching is my passion and I’m dedicated to the success of my students and clients.

When you become our client you become part of our community, and we promise you that you will receive the best service available anywhere.

  • We promise to treat you with respect, compassion, and courtesy.
  • We promise you will always receive the highest level of personal service and attention.
  • We promise to listen to your needs and provide honest feedback and advice that are in your best interests.
  • We promise to maintain your confidentiality at all times.

Since each individual is different, we can’t promise specific outcomes. What we do promise is that your experience working with us will be rewarding, insightful, enjoyable and well worth your investment.

I look forward to helping you achieve your communication goals!